Advice for Young Journalists

David Carr, a recipient of a degree in both psychology and journalism, participated in the U.C. Berkeley Commencement Ceremony in 2014 where he gave a speech with some key advice for young journalists. He starts off with saying to focus on what is in front of you. If you focus too much on the big picture of your career you will only end up sabotaging yourself because your work will not be your best due to the fact that your attention is elsewhere. He then goes on to say that you should “be a worker among workers”. You need to fit in before you stick out to be successful. After this he says something that may seem silly but is very good advice, don’t do anything you couldn't tell your mother about. If you are doing something you could not tell your mom, it is probably something you shouldn’t be doing. He also touches on the fact that you need to be honest, ambitious, and take responsibility for what you do whether it’s good or bad.

The last Three pieces of advice he gives out to the students I feel are the most important. One, go outside of your comfort zone. I feel that if someone never leaves their comfort zone, then they can never grow and experience things. And being a journalist is about seeking interesting and exciting news so you can not just put yourself in a bubble. Two, ask for help when you need it. No one wants to be the first person to raise their hand and ask a question; so when no one does it our questions go unanswered. And how will we ever accomplish anything without a little help along the way? Finally number three, be present in the moment; don’t document, it experience it. We get caught up in our phones so easily, that we often miss and fully experience what is right in front of us. Experiencing something through a phone and experiencing something first hand are two completely different things and you want to get the full experience.

My name is Jamie Albertson and I am from Long Beach, CA. I am 19 years old and hope to obtain a degree in Communications at Clarke University.